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Tech Innovator Agilent LSCA India offers new and futuristic technology solutions as well as next

Tech Innovator
Agilent LSCA India offers new and futuristic technology solutions as well as next-generation products for its customers.

Agilent Technologies is a global technology leader, delivering innovative tech nologies in communications, electronics and life sciences. One of its core businesses, the Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis (LSCA) group is a world-leading provider of instruments, supplies, software and services to life science and chemical analysis markets.

Agilent India focuses on the entire life sciences value chain with backward and forward integration with cutting edge technologies. During 2005-06, Agilent LSCA India has shown an overall growth of 37 percent, with its total revenue increasing from Rs 102 crore in FY 2005 to Rs 140 crore in FY 2006. According to industry estimates, the life sciences revenue stream accounts for nearly 75 percent of the total LSCA turnover-about Rs 104 crore. Hence its life sciences business has recorded about 45 percent growth over the last year. Globally the revenue of Agilent LSCA is $1.5 billion in 2005.

During the year, Agilent continued to be a dominant player in the liquid chromatography and mass spectroscopy market and holds a significant market share in this segment. Till date the company has installed nearly 2000 LS/MS systems in the country. Its HPLC systems continue to be a key growth driver due to its compliance, credibility and reliability in the industry. The laboratory informatics systems offered by the company is also finding an increasing market. In this year, Agilent has been able to procure orders from the top CROs, clinical research, and contract research and manufacturing organizations. In the future, this customer segment is going to be a major focus for the company.

Agilent launched a couple of new sophisticated products during the year, 1200 series LC and 6000 series LCMS which have received a phenomenal response from the leading biopharma players in the country.

The group has been offering new and futuristic technology solutions and its ability to integrate core technologies in molecular biology, nanotechnology and semiconductors with information sciences software and genetic engineering, biotechnology has led to significant innovations. For instance, the company had launched the first "printed" DNA microarray using inkjet technology to deposit DNA on small glass slides, first "Lab-on-a-chip" system, a postage stamp-sized sample analysis system that can be used to study DNA, proteins or whole cells; and first liquid chromatography chip (HPLC-Chip), a miniaturized device that facilitate the rapid analysis of proteins.

In addition, Agilent LSCA offers a broad range of instruments, laboratory supplies/consumables including microarray scanners, software and bioinformatics, reagents, microfluidic-based sample analysis systems, LC systems, columns and components, capillary electrophoresis systems, purification systems, protein identification systems, mass-spectrometry systems including ICP-MS, GC/MS and LC/MS; automated sample-preparation systems, laboratory-computing and data networking systems. For pharmaceutical companies, Agilent LSCA also offers multi-vendor compliance services.

Even as Agilent LSCA India strives to provide more innovative solutions for its customers, it will continue to introduce new technologies for biotechnology research as well as next-generation products that address automating the entire scientific workflow to improve productivity and efficiency. Agilent India is LSCA's fourth largest country of business in Asia and this year the India office has also received the best country award in the Asia Pacific region.

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