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Venkateshwara Hatcheries

The VH Group is committed to bring about positive improvements in the poultry industry.

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The VH Group is committed to bring about positive improvements in the poultry industry.

Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt Ltd (VHL) continued to lead the Indian poultry vaccine market with the market share of over 60 percent. The biologicals sales revenue of VHL crossed its targeted mark of Rs 250 crore for the year 2005-06 to reach Rs 280 crore. According to OP Singh, CEO, VHL, the figure includes sales of diagnostics, avian influenza vaccines,18 percent of exports, small amount of internal sales and sales of biological products from animal health products division. The animal health products division has products which include vitamin premixes, therapeutic products, growth promoters and dewormers for the poultry industry ensuring better health and enhancing performance in breeders as well as commercial layers and broilers. The VH Group regularly exports its products to SAARC countries, South Asia, Middle East, Japan, Europe, and Africa. VHL registered a three-digit growth in 2004-05 with sales of Rs 188 crore against previous year's sales of Rs 88 crore. This figure includes sales from vaccines, 15 percent exports, internal sales and AHP. However, industry reports say that the total animal biologicals market including the poultry is about Rs 250 crore and VHL is leading the poultry vaccines sector with market share of over 60 percent.

To emerge as a multiple country operation in vaccines, VHL is now looking at establishing manufacturing facilities in South Africa and South East Asia. In this regard it is in discussion with many players but nothing concrete has emerged so far.

Besides poultry vaccines business, VHL has also entered the human vaccines space and has set up separate division called BV Biologicals. The team at BV Biologicals is working on human vaccines for ailments that afflict a majority of the common populace. This unit at Hinjewadi Biotech Park near Pune is nearing completion, in which VHL has invested Rs 60 crore and another investment of Rs 120 crore will follow. Soon it is expected to launch its human biologicals products.

VHL has also entered into a tie-up with a US-based company for biodiagnostics and biogeneric products. The aim of this tie-up is to bring in certain new molecules for diseases such as cancer. It is also investing in new vaccines and biotherapeutics for child and adult immunization. There are plans to enter the protein drug sector as well. VHL is also looking at taking a majority stake in state-owned Haffkine Bio-Pharmaceuticals and has already submitted proposal to the government of Maharashtra. But the government is yet take any decision on this matter.

Ventri Biologicals, a vaccine division of the VH group, is a leader in poultry vaccines business in India. Started in 1980, the division produces vaccines for Marek's disease and Newcastles's disease. The plant was built in collaboration with Tri Bio Laboratories Inc. of USA, a world leader in vaccine technology and research. Its vaccine plant is acknowledged as one of the most modern plants and is capable of meeting the demands of the projected growth of the Indian poultry industry. Backed by extensive and modern research and development facilities, Ventri Biologicals is constantly engaged in developing new generation vaccines, to combat emerging bacterial and viral diseases. It produces vaccines conforming to British Pharmacopeia and other international standards.

The division works in close association with PDRC, Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center that provides the technical service and carries out disease surveillance across the country. Ventri Biologicals provides a wide range of 32 poultry vaccines, some of which have been introduced for the first time.

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