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Excel Industries

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Excel Industries

Business: Production and marketing of biopesticides and bioproducts

Biotech Revenue: Rs 12.50 crore

CEO: AC Shroff (CMD)

Start-up Year: 1941

Address: 184/87, SV Road, Jogeshwari (W), Mumbai - 400 102

Tel.: 91-22-56464200

Fax: 91-22-26783657

Website: www.excelind.co.in

Excel Industries primarily manufactures quality chemicals relevant to the needs of industry and agriculture. Excel has three business divisions – agri, chemical and environment and biotech. The revenue from the agribiotech division for the year 2006-07 stood at Rs 12.50 crore as against the previous year's sales revenue of Rs 22 crore. In 2004-05, its biotech sales revenue stood at Rs 19.11 crore. The drop in the sales was mainly due to restructuring in the organization. This has affected the sales of agribiotech products. Excel Industries witnessed organizational restructuring in the last quarter of 2006-07. Under that the company has spilt into two and the agribiotech activities have moved to the other firm namely Excel Crop Care Ltd with effect from April 2007.

Excel has biodynamic products and processes for dealing with environment and biotech problems encompassing municipal solid waste, putrescible wastes from the agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture industries, sewage sludge, industrial waste streams and contamination of soils and waters by hydrocarbons and other organic compounds. Its activities include sanitization, bioconversion, bio-remediation and bio-augmentation.

Excel has an ongoing R&D program to develop a range of products that involves extensive use of biotechnology. The agricultural biotech products make extensive use of naturally occurring microbes such as bacteria and fungi. They are then formulated to help the farmer in nutrient management, organic matter, enrichment of the soil, biological control of fungal and bacterial diseases, soil borne diseases, protection from all soft bodied sucking insect pests and termites. The products are sold under broadly classified categories such as soil enrichers and biopesticides.


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