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"Business challenges are not specific to women"

—Bindhya Cariappa, Director of operations, India & MEA, ClinTec International, Bangalore

Bindhya Cariappa has good experience in many clinical development verticals including clinical operations, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, medical writing and training across India and Europe. She has been responsible for over 100 phase I-IV clinical trials conducted in 28 countries worldwide.

Q What are the inspiring factors that contribute to your success?
I believe the essential elements of a successful business are motivated professionals, good understanding of client requirements, operating with integrity, adaptability to change, commitment to innovation and pride in delivering excellence.

Q What management principle do you follow while heading operations of a company like ClinTec International?
ClinTec International is in an aggressive growth phase, and heading its operations entails evaluating and implementing strategies that enable sustainable growth within newer functional verticals, while evaluating and strengthening the core capabilities. As a result, my focus areas are staff, clients and quality. We attract and engage the best talent in the company and empower them to achieve. I believe in accountability, fairness, transparency, equal opportunities, recognizing achievements of employees and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. Our policies and procedures reflect these principles.

Q What are the challenges you face ?
We face many challenges while running a business, but I have not come across any that are as a result of being a woman. Through experience, I say that the business area we operate in is a level playing field with performance being the key success criteria.

Q What are your plans for the future?
Being in charge of leadership and operational roles across a wide geographic area, I do see myself moving into a more strategic and global role in the near future.

Q Can you share your learning for the benefit of women who aspire to become entrepreneurs?
In my experience and by interacting with a large number of successful business women and entrepreneurs, I could identify a few common traits — those include passion and perseverance to succeed, with the flexibility to adapt and importantly, perceptiveness in identifying and seizing emerging opportunities.

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