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Thermo unveils new proteomics capabilities

Thermo unveils new proteomics capabilities

Thermo unveils new proteomics capabilities

Thermo Electron Corporation unveiled several new additions to its Proteomicsn suite of solutions. These include Thermo's novel LTQ Orbitrap hybrid mass spectrometer, new techniques for peptide fragmentation and software for data interpretation, all which enhance and expand the potential for protein identification and quantification. Thermo's Proteomicsn solutions are designed to leverage the performance, speed, sensitivity and accuracy of their market-leading ion trap mass spectrometers for definitive quantitation of protein mixtures. Some of these new solutions include the LTQ Orbitrap, the first commercial mass analyzer based on an entirely new detection principle to be introduced to the market in over 20 years. This hybrid instrument improves protein characterization, accelerates protein database searches and reduces false identification rates. Thermo has also introduced new approaches to protein quantitation, such as Pulsed-Q Dissociation (PQD), a new fragmentation technique that eliminates the low mass cut-off for ion traps and allows quantitation with iTRAQ labeling reagents. iTRAQ is a stable isotope method for relative protein quantitation using mass spectrometry.

For more details contact: shashin.shah@thermo.com

Cambrex's Poietics Normal Peripheral Blood Leukopaks

Cambrex Bio Science Walkersville has announced the availability of Poietics Normal Peripheral Blood Leukopaks.

Leukopaks are bags of fresh human blood cells collected from normal peripheral blood by automated apheresis in ACD-A anticoagulant and density gradient centrifugation. Each leukopak contains a mixture of monocytes, lymphocytes, platelets, plasma and red cells. Leukopaks are useful in research for the isolation of specific cell types, the application of novel isolation methods, the comparison of different blood cell types from a single donor and other applications associated with immune and blood cell research. Each leukopak contains large quantities of cells from a single donor and is monocyte-enriched with a guaranteed minimum volume of 100 ml and a standard cell count of approximately 60 million/ml. All donors are screened for general health and test negative for HIV-1 and hepatitis B and C.

Leukopaks with custom volumes or special donor characteristics can also be provided including: tetanus-boosted, cytomegalovirus-negative, diabetic, and Epstein-Barr virus donors. Mobilized peripheral blood and polymorphonuclear cells-enriched leukopaks are also available upon request. Poietics Normal Peripheral Blood Leukopaks are for research use only.

For details, contact: biosales@cambrexindia.com

Enertech launches dry baths

Enertech Electronics, a Mumbai-based manufacturer of pumps and ultrasonic cleaning and welding machines, has launched dry baths in India. These baths are manufactured exclusively for Indian companies. It is a molecular biological tool for any lab. It is a 3-in-1 dry bath unit with mixing (shaking), chilling (freezing) and heating facility in the same unit.

It uses the latest energy efficient Peltier Design. The technology ensures efficient and economical consumption of power, reliable performance, rugged system design and uniformity of temperature along with longevity of system. Dry baths also ensure that the system can be use for continuous duty, operations for long hours without any problems. It offers a very broad temperature range from ­10 O C to 150 O C.

Now users can mix, chill, freeze or heat and run unattended temperature. Users can choose blocks for various types of micro centrifuge tubes, PCR plates/ strips, flat bottom and various types of test tubes. Solid blocks are available for machining. All the above blocks are interchangeable blocks. The systems have RS 232/ RS 485 interface for computer connectivity. It also has 30-day countdown timer with alarm and auto/ off. It has inbuilt memory to store various programs for precisely timed and repeatable routines. This is available at economical prices.

For details, contact: info@enertechindia.com or dhanesh_537@rediffmail.com

Waters introduces ACQUITY SQD

Waters Corporation has introduced a new ultra performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (UPLC/MS) system called ACQUITY SQD. It gives scientists more information about the identity of pharmaceutical, biological, industrial and environmental compounds than conventional UV/Vis-based detector systems. LC/MS systems equipped with single quadrupole mass detectors have become increasingly popular for high-throughput LC/MS work in drug discovery and development laboratories due to the capability, affordability, usability and small footprint of the mass detector. This UPLC/MS system features the new Waters SQ Detector - a benchtop, ultra-compact, single-quadrupole, atmospheric pressure ionization (API) mass detector designed for routine UPLC/MS analyses. With first-of-its-kind IntelliStart Diagnostic Software, the ACQUITY SQD tunes and calibrates the mass detector and conducts system performance checks allowing chromatographers to confidently acquire UPLC/MS data in routine analytical and open access applications.

Waters ACQUITY SQD applications include peak purity/impurity profiling, synthesis confirmation, product deformulation, and enhanced methods development through the use of molecular weight-based peak tracking.

For details, contact: Padmini_Satish@waters.com or Water_India@waters.com

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