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GE Healthcare launches high frequency X-ray system in India
GE Healthcare has announced the launch of Tejas XR 6000, a next generation convertible X-ray system in India. The new Tejas XR 6000 will be manufactured at GE Healthcare's plant in Bangalore.

GE has rolled out a series of value products under the "In India, for India" program and is expecting to roll out several variants of Tejas X-ray systems during 2008.

Chiranjiv Singh, business manager, x-ray, GE Healthcare South Asia, said, "The Tejas XR 6000 is an 'In India, for India' product that helps us realize our goal of upgrading the level of technology available today in India to global standards. The Tejas XR 6000 offers radiologists better images for better patient outcomes. The latest High Frequency generators, fine focal spot tube and other technological features would deliver a fast workflow, accurate images and low dosage advantages to the Indian customer. Tejas goes one step forward and is designed to convert to a digital X-ray system at any time when the customer would prefer to go digital and helps them avoid obsolescence."

Outlining the growth plan for the Indian market, V Raja, president and CEO, South Asia, said, "This initiative is an alignment with GE Healthcare's vision to promote the concept of 'early health' in India. Currently, 80 percent of X-rays that are installed in the market are conventional X-rays as digital technology is not affordable for most Indian healthcare professionals. GE Healthcare has taken a significant step to address this need by making digital technology available at substantially reduced cost. X-ray is the primary and most widely used diagnostic imaging tool. This will help radiologists upgrade an analogue X-ray into digital X-ray for less than Rs 60 lakh."

Shireesh Sahai, general manager of "In India, for India" program for GE Healthcare, said, "GE is in a unique position to significantly improve the affordability of X-ray technologies as we have in-house capability of manufacturing digital detectors globally, backed by a complete and capable research team and manufacturing plant in India."


Saksham offers Schuett Phoenix gas safety burner
Schuett Phoenix is a flexible laboratory burner with digital technology. It is uitable for use inside microbiological safety cabinets and is also used for the sterilization of instruments and bottlenecks. In chemical laboratories Schuett Phoenix replaces Bunsen burner for rapid heating of liquids. It is available in two Foot Switch modes.

In Foot Switch, Mode 1, gas supply and electronic ignition are activated automatically. The flame comes on only when the foot switch is pressed. As soon as the foot switch is released, the gas supply is cut off and the flames stop immediately.

In Foot Switch, Mode 2, the flame comes on when the foot switch is pressed once and stops after the foot switch is pressed again or the present time elapsed.

Some of the product's main features include:

Flame monitoring: When the flame inadvertently extinguishes, a safety feature will provide automatic re-ignition without interrupting the current work.

Ignition monitoring: The gas supply automatically cuts off if the automatic re-ignition fails produce a flame within 10 seconds. The digital display shows the corresponding fault report.

Continuous flame supervision: When the flames extinguish due to spilled liquids and cannot be reignited, the gas supply automatically cuts off. The digital display shows the corresponding fault report.

Precisely adjustable burn time: The burner is digital and exact to the second and safely cuts off after 99 minutes.

Overheating protection: The burner head of the Schuett Phoenix is physically separated from the burner by a thermally insulating jacket.

Stable flame: The flame of the Schuett Phoenix remains stable inside the microbiological safety cabinets even in the presence of strong air currents.

Gas input filter: A filter in the magnetic valve prevents the particles from entering the burner via the gas supply.

Gas saving features: Precision controls for air/gas to control flame characteristics accurately and gas savings have been used. The burn time is adjusted according to the exact need of time.

Maintenance: The burner head may easily be removed for cleaning without the need for tools. The stainless steel surface of the burner has been specially treated to be soil-resistant. The stainless steel housing and the display made of tempered glass are easy to clean and may be flame sterilized. The stainless steel housing is resistant to UV-radiation.

For details, contact: Vikash Anand, e-mail: marketing@saksham.co.in


Millipore introduces novel filter plates
Millipore Corporation has announced the latest addition to the MultiScreen family of filter plates, the MultiScreenHTS+ for radiometric kinase and GPCR assays.

The MultiScreenHTS+ filter plate has a mesh backing to create uniformly flowing wells to improve washing efficiency. The new plate design reduces overall non-specific binding and reduces variability in both background and signal intensities. The filter plates allow for higher throughput, greater assay sensitivity and detection flexibility. Validation testing showed a three-fold decrease in well-to-well variability and improved signal-to-noise ratio over traditional filter plates.

For details, contact Millipore Tech Service at 1-800-548-7853 or 951-676-8080 or visit www.millipore.com


CO2 incubators from Astec
Chennai-based Symbiogen Biotechnologies has imported CO2 incubators from Astec, Japan. The DS/DRS models are equipped with the dry heat sterilization feature, enabling the simple, effective sterilization of the inner chamber after cleaning or changing samples. The SCA series CO2 incubators can be stacked in places where space is limited, and yet the dry heat sterilization of one will not affect the performance of the other (Note: a stacking kit required for double stacking). The SCA–165 models come standard with an access port to provide power or to introduce air into the inner chamber (Note: for the SCA -80 models, an access can be selected as an option when ordering). The optional air dust filter for the air inlet of the inner chamber fan captures dust particles circulating inside the chamber effectively. It is available for all the SCA models.

For details, contact: sales@symbiogenonline.com, order@symbiogenonline.com

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