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BioSuppliers register growth higher than the biotech industry

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BioSuppliers register growth higher than the biotech industry

The trend of consolidation and growth at the 30 percent levels continued in 2007-08 too. The industry clocked Rs 3,135 crore ($784 million) in revenues during 2007-08, despite the rupee appreciation against the US dollar. While Thermo Fisher Scientific retained its No. 1 position for the third year in a row, Agilent Technologies jumped five places from its 2006-07 position to become the second largest player in the industry with Rs 277.77 crore in revenues. The Top 3 players in this year's survey-Thermo Fisher, Agilent Technologies, and Labindia Life Sciences-alone accounted for 30 percent share of the total market with total revenues of Rs 947 crore. The Top 20 companies collectively accounted for close to 70 percent market share.

  • Industry shows a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40 percent in the past five years.

  • Industry projected to cross $1 billion mark by 2010. Expected to register $2.8 billion in revenues by 2015.

  • Top 20 companies account for 85 percent share of the market. Five companies register revenues in excess of Rs 200 crore.

  • Top 10 companies account for 70 percent share of the total market.

  • Top 5 companies generate 45 percent of the total business. The Top 5 companies collectively generate business worth Rs 1,421 core.

  • Top 3 companies inch towards the Rs 1,000 crore mark.

  • Nine of the top 20 companies are home grown companies and these nine account for 32 percent share of the total market.

  • The 11 top 20 MNC companies account for 54 percent share of the total market.

  • The Northern region is the largest contributor to the industry with total business of Rs 1,104.21 crore and accounted for 35 percent share of the pie.


  • South with total revenues of Rs 1,063.68 crore accounted for 33.93 percent share

  • West's contribution was Rs 967.32 crore.

  • Agilent is the leading player from the North with close to 25 percent share and is followed by Labindia with a similar share of the total pie of Rs 1,104.21 crore.

  • The Top 5 players in North accounted for 81 percent of the total business generated by the companies based in the North.

  • Waters India is the largest player in South with Rs 264 crore in revenues. Spinco Biotech with close to 20 percent market share is the second largest player from the region.

  • Thermo Fisher is the largest player in the west and accounted for close to 19 percent share of the contribution from players in the region.

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