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Maps (India)

Maps India is a producer and exporter of industrial enzymes

Maps India is a producer and exporter of industrial enzymes. With over 150 employees, a sophisticated production plant and a dedicated R&D center, it has become a key player in enzymes and microorganisms. A team of 30 scientists is involved in research and development activities at Maps India. It produces a broad range of enzymes and microorganisms at production plant spread across 57,000 smt. Maps enzymes include amylases, proteases, cellulases, xylanase, glucoamylase, pectinase, catalase and phytase, which are used in versatile industries like textile, leather, baking, alcohol, brewing, detergent, starch and animal feed. And its microorganism products are used in various applications for effluent treatment, cleaning and odor control, waste degradation, bioaugmentation and bioremediation and aquaculture. The company's production plant has solid state fermentation and submerge culture fermentation facilities along with downstream processing and formulation facilities.

Maps India has invested about Rs 10 crore in Gujarat for expanding its operations and has signed a MoU with the Gujarat state government in this regard. The company is exploring opportunities in Pakistan for the export of enzymes.In 2005-06, it had sales revenue of Rs 15 crore.

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