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"Women face the same challenges as men"

—Suchitra K Ella, Co-Founder & Joint Managing Director, Bharat Biotech International, Hyderabad

Suchitra’s leadership combined with hands-on approach to work, logical pursuit, attention to detail, and organizational skills have been the driving force for her successful entrepreneurial career

Q What are the factors that inspired you to jointly set up a company with your husband, Dr Krishna Ella?
Dr Ella was getting trained in molecular biology, microbiology, pharmacology in the US. With a background in economics, I pursued a career in financial services with specializations in marketing and business management. I wanted to return to India, but couldn’t find any challenging assignments due to lack of R&D in the industry. I have a natural urge for risk taking, so I decided to start our own company.

Q What kind of management strategy do you follow?
For managing the company, I follow transparent and system-driven hierarchy, innovative technology and marketing models. It is important to motivate scientists in R&D to solve public health problems.

As a woman entrepreneur, what are the challenges you faced in running a business?
Women entrepreneurs face the same challenges as men. Entrepreneurship is not gender-based.

Q Can you share your learning with budding women entrepreneurs?
I have learnt not to compromise on passion and innovation; also think out-of-the-box, and learn from failures. As an entrepreneur, one needs to overcome several challenges such as competition, government hurdles and markets barriers.

Q Where do you see Bharat Biotech five years from now?
Bharat Biotech will become a strong innovation-driven technology provider in vaccines and biopharma, with emphasis on solving public health concerns related to infectious diseases of the emerging markets and the developing world. The sky is the limit for Bharat Biotech as we are lined up with new molecules, new vaccines, and intellectual property rights.

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