• 7 July 2005
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Molecular Connections collaborates with Altana research institute

Molecular Connections (MC) has entered into a literature mining collaboration with Altana Research Institute (ARI), Boston, wherein it would mine thousands of papers and create customized target reports for ARI. The collaboration involves Molecular Connections' scientists working closely with scientists from ARI to identify and curate all the literature and public information available on genes affecting a specific disease condition. The comprehensive and structure information package created by MC is expected to help ARI scientists to identify, prioritize and validate the targets in a more effective fashion. As a part of the collaboration, MC would provide large number of "Target" reports. A target report will provide in a concise form information about various aspects of a given gene, i.e., whether they are assayable, what is their expression pattern, antibodies available etc. collated from vast number of papers published for those genes. ARI's scientists are applying the technology platform towards the identification of new therapeutic approaches for treatment of inflammatory and respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal disorders and cancer. Jignesh Bhate, CEO, Molecular Connections, said "Literature mining is our core strength and working closely with the ARI scientists we intend to deliver significant value to ARI's discovery efforts." The financial details of the collaboration were not disclosed.

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