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WFI Specialist

WFI Specialist Pharmalab offers a range of Water for Injection

WFI Specialist
Pharmalab offers a range of Water for Injection (WFI) Systems, sterilization, filtration, process, and packaging solutions which meet international standards.

Pharmalab India Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001 and DNV registered firm and offers a range of Water for Injection (WFI) Systems, sterilization, filtration, process, and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. These solutions are result of its four decades of R&D technology upgradation, reengineering and customization and conform to the international standards.

To cater to the increased quality demands of the customers and to conform with cGMP standards, it has set up five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, two at Mumbai, two at Ahmedabad and one at Thane to manufacture WFIs, sterilizers, storage and reactor vessels, filtration and packaging equipment. Its manufacturing facilities are focused on narrow concentration for product standard and improvement backed by the R&D department. In the field of filtration, it has achieved technological advances through its earlier joint venture with Pall Corporation.

Since 1962, Pharmalab has been manufacturing quality equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Filtech Pharmalab Pvt Ltd and Pharmalab Engineering India Ltd, the subsidiaries of Pharmalab merged with Pharmalab India Pvt Ltd in March 2006. Leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies have been utilizing its range of products from WFI systems, filtrations and sterilizers. Besides catering to the needs of the local market, Pharmalab has been exporting its products to countries like Bangladesh, Egypt, The Netherlands, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ukraine, Syria, the US, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia and Iran.

Pharmalab's WFI system comprises multicolumn distillation plant, WFI storage system, WFI distribution loop system and pure steam generator. Based on raw water analysis, it designs the pre-treatment system to provide water suitable for distillation and pure steam production in Pharmalab's water still and pure steam generator. The pre-treatment system comprises pressure filters, activated carbon filters, DM plant or reverse osmosis system (with softener), ultra-filtration system, UV sterilizer, storage and distribution loop system. Its sterilization systems such as dry heat sterilizers, bung processor-cum-steam sterilizer, super heated water spray sterilizers, steam sterilizers comply with CGMP. Starting with the pharmaceuticals, its filtration solutions are offered to a variety of other industries like chemicals, foods, beverages, breweries, distilleries, cosmetics. It has the distinction of being a good fabricator as well as knowing the technology of filtration through a variety of applications handled. Its filters are known for savings in the cost of filtration.

Its total sales turnover for the year ending March 2006 stood at Rs 73 crore against the previous year's total sales of Rs 46 crore. And 90 percent of its sales were from life sciences and biotechnology divisions that total to Rs 65.7 crore.

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