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'We are looking at 400% growth'

Drbvravikumarfounder Dr B V Ravi Kumar,
founder chairman and MD, XCyton Diagnostics

XCyton Diagnostics launched a path breaking invention called syndrome evaluation system (SES), the world's first critical care therapeutic decision support system that will result in effective treatment. SES is a patented technology comprising rapid multiplex amplification and accurate identification of the virulence associated genes of the causative agents or organisms. SES allows simultaneous identification of multiple organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, in a specific test from a single sample.

The accurate and rapid identification of the causative agents that usually comprises seven hours of process time empowers the clinician to initiate targeted therapy thus saving lives and significantly reducing disabilities, such as blindness, paralysis and compromised mental faculties. XCyton, which presently has scientific staff of 10 individuals, has a revenue of approximately 1.5 crore.

In an interaction with BioSpectrum, Dr B V Ravi Kumar, chairman and managing director, XCyton Diagnostics, shared his views on the market opportunities for SES and the company's strategies to enter the untapped market in India.

Q What is the current trend of the critical care infections market in India? How do you see the market opporunity for SES in India?
 Dr Kumar:  Currently, the trend is mainly in automated culture machines, immunological tests and a few polymerase chain reaction (PCRs) for tuberculosis (TB). The exact size of the market is uncertain. However, the episodes of critical infections are about 1.5 million admissions in private hospitals alone. Only eight-to-17 percent get diagnosed and the rest are not due to limitations in the sensitivity of all conventional tests. SES is fulfilling both gaps, including diagnosis time and sensitivity, which is more than 75 percent. We believe that as early entrants, with a service that takes care of both the gaps in standard care, we should capture atleast 30 percent of this market in next five years.

Q What marketing strategy has XCyton adopted to promote SES in India?
 Dr Kumar:  SES is offered as a molecular diagnostic services by XCyton. We will establish labs across the country so that samples from intensive care unit (ICUs) can reach the labs within 12 hours, including transporation time, so that a report can be given to the doctor within 20 hours after admission to ICU.

Q What share of the critical care infections market for micro biology are you looking at?
 Dr Kumar:  XCyton has just launched the SES service. We will focus on developing the network and bringing it to maturity.

Q What kind of support does Fidelity Growth Partners India provide to XCyton?
 Dr Kumar:  Fidelity Growth Partners India brings in financial support for the marketing of SES. They also bring the bandwidth to take it overseas, where there is tremendous potential.

Q What growth rate will the company be looking at with the launch of SES?
 Dr Kumar:  With the launch of SES, we are looking at a growth rate of 400 percent in the coming year, which is the first marketing year.

Narayan Kulkarni in Bangalore

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