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Syngene introduces new Multi

Syngene introduces new Multi-Purpose CCD Imaging System

The UK-based Syngene, a manufacturer of image analysis solutions, has introduced its new Dyversity 4, an automated multifunctional image analyser, which is ideal for laboratories that want to rapidly and accurately analyse images of 1D and 2D gels stained with commercial visible, fluorescent or chemiluminescent dyes.

Dyversity 4, a new affordable addition to Syngene's successful Dyversity range, comprises a high resolution, 16-bit CCD camera inside a light tight darkroom integrated to a PC containing Syngene's powerful image capture and analysis software. The darkroom comes complete with overhead white light and features a programmable, moving stage that ensures users can save time by imaging a range of gel sizes and can recall stage positions for each gel.

Dyversity 4 is designed for unrivalled versatility and can be customised for specific applications by fitting filters and a UV transilluminator, blue and white light converters and Cy dye lighting modules, all of which are available from Syngene. This allows users to image commercially available DNA or protein stains. The images can then be automatically transferred into Syngene's GeneTools for 1D gel analysis or into Dymension, Syngene's powerful 2D gel analysis software for fast result generation.


Cambrex completes sale of bio businesses

Cambrex Corporation has completed the sale of its bioproducts and biopharma subsidiaries to Lonza Group AG. The sale was approved by an overwhelming majority at a special shareholders meeting held on February 5, 2007.

Cambrex announced that James A Mack, chairman, president and CEO, will retain his current responsibilities for the indefinite future and the company has implemented a number of changes to its senior leadership team.


Rockwell Automation acquires ProsCon Holdings

Rockwell Automation has acquired ProsCon Holdings, a privately held engineering firm offering proven and technically unique design solutions to the process industry. Areas of expertise include process technology, control systems and information technology. ProsCon also provides modular solutions as an innovative and cost-effective approach delivering faster implementation of new facilities, as well as retrofits for existing plants. This modular approach helps customers speed up their time to market for new products.

Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, with an office in Dublin, ProsCon serves customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets. It has been offering services to companies comply with regulatory standards and manage their business risk. ProsCon's management team and its employees will join the Rockwell Automation global solutions team and continue to serve their customers locally and around the world.

"This acquisition is a vital step in increasing our global solutions delivery capability to life sciences and process automation customers in Ireland and the rest of the world," said Bob Honor, vice president of Life Sciences, Rockwell Automation.

Niall Foley, managing director of ProsCon, said, "The acquisition will strongly enhance ProsCon's ability to deliver innovative design solutions and technology to customers. By combining ProsCon's process industry knowledge with the technical expertise, broad product portfolio, distribution channels and financial resources of Rockwell Automation, we will strengthen our ability to serve customers."


Thermo Fisher announces new chromatography software control system

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced that its ChromQuest Chromatography Data System (CDS) now provides integrated instrument control, digital data acquisition, chromatography data processing and reporting for the Thermo Scientific Accela High Speed LC. The company's innovative HPLC instrument has been designed to maximize the benefits of Thermo Scientific Hypersil GOLD 1.9 µm column particle technology and enables LC and LC/MS users to conduct high speed, high efficiency chromatographic separations from conventional to ultra high pressures of up to 15,000 psi.

ChromQuest CDS 4.2 provides integrated instrument control for each Accela component, including autosampler, high-speed pump and PDA detector. ChromQuest's enhanced security features meet the latest requirements for data traceability while guaranteeing security and ensuring compliance to 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines.

In addition to providing instrument control for Accela, ChromQuest CDS provides full instrument control for all Thermo Scientific brand LC and GC systems allowing laboratories to utilize a single software solution for all of their chromatography needs. It also provides seamless integration of Accela results with enterprise-wide informatics applications, such as the Thermo Scientific WATSON LIMS.


Invensys introduces sanitary vortex flowmeters

Invensys has introduced a line of 3A-authorized sanitary vortex flowmeters for use in pharmaceutical applications. The new, HART-compatible Foxboro Model 84S Sanitary Vortex flowmeters incorporate patented technologies that provide users with unprecedented reliability, accuracy, and installation flexibility for tighter process control.

Designed for use in sanitary liquid, gas, or steam pharmaceutical applications, the Foxboro 84S Vortex Series provides best-in-class accuracies of +/- 0.5 percent of reading with liquids, and +/- 1.0 percent of reading with gas and steam. The 84S Sanitary Vortex is 3A-authorized per specification 28-03 and features a crevice-free design with no moving parts. The process-wetted parts are 316 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel, and finished to 3A 25 RA (0.5 micrometers) sanitary standards. The 84S Vortex design facilitates use in clean-in-place (CIP) processes where various combinations of cleaning solutions, air purging, or saturated steam (SIP) are present at temperatures to 204 degrees C (400 degrees F).

The Foxboro Model 84S Vortex line takes advantage of two patented technologies to provide best of class performance, reliability, and installation flexibility. DirectSenseTM technology eliminates mechanical sensor linkages used in conventional vortex meters.


Oligonucleotide separations technology from Waters

Waters Corporation has introduced two new sets of columns for the purification and analysis of oligonucleotides. The ACQUITY UPLC OST C18 Columns are specifically designed to work with Waters family of ACQUITY UltraPerformance LC products. The XBridge OST C18 columns are designed for advanced oligonculeotide HPLC separations. Both products are ideal for purifying and analyzing synthetic oligonucleotides including siRNA, primers and probes, therapeutic drugs made by oligonucleotide manufacturers, diagnostic kit makers, government and university laboratories, and biotechnology companies.

The columns feature sub-3 micron Bridged Ethyl Hybrid (BEH) particle technology and yield significantly better resolution for ion-pair, reversed-phase separations of oligonucleotides than commercially-available columns for the same application. The 1.7 µm particle ACQUITY UPLC OST columns, besides offering improved resolution, offer scientists the speed and sample throughput they have come to expect from Waters UPLC technology.

In tests conducted at key accounts prior to launch, scientists were able to see up to a four-fold improvement in speed of analysis without any diminishment in resolution.


Bio-Rad launches bio-marker discovery platforms

Bio-Rad India, a 100 percent subsidiary of Bio-Rad Laboratories, USA, has unveiled its 'next generation' research equipments, referred to as 'bio-Marker discovery solution' in scientific parlance. Bio-Rad Laboratories, a laboratory equipment manufacturer, unveiled these equipment at a three-day symposium organized at the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad. These equipment shall be of immense help in augmenting research on various facets of DNA technologies like protein engineering and design.

Speaking on the occasion, Dhiren Wagle, country manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories, said, "Bio-Rad Laboratories have always endeavored to supplement the efforts of researchers towards scientific growth and innovation. We shall continue to offer world class research equipments to the scientific fraternity".

He added, "Bio-Rad for more than 50 years has broken new grounds by providing a broad range of innovative research equipment and services. The company and its products are appreciated world over by renowned hospitals, research institutions and biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms for its commitment to quality and customer service".

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