• 11 November 2005
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Thermo's high-performance spectrophotometer

Thermo Electron Corporation has introduced its new Evolution 600 UV-Vis spectrophotometer designed for excellent performance and flexibility in material science, life science and general research analyses.

It is capable of analyzing virtually any sample such as optical components, thin film, glass and plastics regardless of shape, size or composition enabling analysis of samples not previously possible by instruments in this price range. It offers a wide breadth of new, sophisticated accessories for analyzing solid samples including a Diffuse Reflectance accessory, a VN Absolute Specular Reflectance accessory and a Solid Sampling accessory. In addition, this instrument features enhanced performance specifications including improvements in dynamic range, resolution, wavelength accuracy and photometric noise.

Evolution 600 is equipped with the VISIONpro software, which has been significantly improved to suit the analytical needs of material science and life science markets. VISIONpro is a flexible software package designed for the general research and QC laboratory. VISIONlife adds the ability to monitor and calculate reaction kinetics and to perform DNA melting experiments. A Smart Accessory feature provides auto recognition, smart alignment and serial number identification for ease of use and increased productivity.

For details, contact: shahin.shah@thermo.com

Sigma-Aldrich's functional cancer protein microarray

Sigma-Aldrich has launched Panorama Human Cancer Version 1 Protein Functional Microarray. Developed by Procognia Ltd, the UK and licensed exclusively through Sigma-Aldrich, the Cancer V1 protein microarray contains 130 correctly folded proteins. These proteins are selected from a recent seminal scientific publication that reviewed and compiled all proteins that are implicated in mediating cancer.

This is a new addition to the Sigma-Aldrich microarray product line. This product extends Sigma's market-leading array portfolio for proteomics research including arrays of proteins, antibodies, peptides and tissue extracts.

For more information: smohamed@sial.com

Millipore introduces SHR filters

Millipore has announced the availability of its new Millipore Express SHR (Sterile High-Retention) filters providing sterilizing-grade performance and mycoplasma removal across a range of applications including cell culture media and media additives, process intermediates and other biological fluids. These filters deliver validated sterilizing-grade filtration and reliable mycoplasma removal for enhanced sterility assurance, high flow rates for improved process efficiency and an on-board PES membrane prefilter for extended filter capacity and lower filtration costs.

The sterilizing-grade Millipore Express SHR 0.1-µm rated filters are available in a range of formats including: membrane disks (25 mm, 47 mm, 90 mm and 142 mm); cartridge filters ranging in size from 5- to 30-inches; OptiScale disposable scaling devices; and Opticap XL and XLT autoclavable or gamma-compatible capsules.

For more information, contact: rajiv_juneja@milliporeindia.com

HiAirFlow air sampler from Himedia Laboratories

Mumbai-based Himedia Laboratories has developed HiAirflow for monitoring of air bio contamination level in critical places (e.g.: clean rooms, food plants, fermentation's plants, etc.). The equipment conforms to the new European ISO/TC 209 dated July 25, 1999 recommendations. HiAirflow allows collection of a wide range of airborne biocontaminant by impacting on agar standard plates (90 mm diameter, filled with every kind of culture media). HiAirflow can be used successfully in a wide range of applications (air quality control in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics plants, in hospitals, clinics and laboratories) for sterile or non-sterile areas monitoring. It is very useful also for air monitoring in building air conditioning (HVAC) plants.

For details, contact: Info@himedialabs.com, vwarke@himedialabs.com


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