• 10 May 2005
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Thermo releases micromax microcentrifuge

Thermo Electron Corporation has released micromax microcentrifuge to the worldwide market including Asia and Europe. The refrigerated and ventilated micromax models combine sophistication, performance and affordability. Micromax's powerful, quiet performance and attractive, compact styling will appeal to professionals in a range of settings, such as DNA/RNA molecular biology, clinical and forensic labs. The units are easy to operate and clean. Glove-friendly control panel includes an easy-to-read display.
The micromax is capable of producing force up to 21,000 xg at speeds of 15,000 rpm for more separating power. It accelerates to full speed in less than 15 seconds, minimizing wait time. Control over g-force, braking rates, and timing ensures greater centrifugation consistency. Controls are microprocessor-based for added reliability.
For details, contact: bimal.desai@thermo.com

Mass spectrometers from Applied Biosystems
Applied Biosystems Group, an Applera Corporation business, together with its joint venture partner MDS Sciex, a division of MDS Inc, has announced the launch of three new mass spectrometers, the 3200 Q TRAP and the API 3200 LC/MS/MS Systems with Turbo V Source for added sensitivity, throughput, and cost-effectiveness in mass spectrometry-based workflows. These systems are designed for food and beverage, environmental, forensic, clinical research, and pharmaceutical analysis markets.
By incorporating the Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX proven Turbo V source and API 4000 LC/MS/MS System-series interface and ionization sources into a smaller platform, these new systems provide increased sensitivity, greater flexibility, and improved ease-of-use. The ceramic interface of the API 3200 and 3200 Q TRAP LC/MS/MS Systems reduces chemical background and improves sensitivity under LC conditions, yielding better efficiency, relative to older source technologies, especially at higher flow rates.
The API 3200 LC/MS/MS System with Turbo V source is a triple quadrupole for quantitation and analyte detection studies. The system provides improved performance, especially at high flow rates, allowing for easy method transfer from LC/UV to LC/MS/MS workflows. This method transfer to LC/MS/MS workflows offers the advantages of improved sensitivity, speed, and simplified sample preparation in the pharmaceutical analysis, environmental, and forensic markets. Additionally, because the Turbo V source family is now compatible with five Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX LC/MS/MS systems, method development can be carried out on these new instruments with simple transfer to the higher sensitivity systems.
These mass spectrometers are being distributed in India by Gurgaon-based Lab India Instruments.
For further details, contact: raiv@labindia.com

Ocimum Biosolutions introduces OciChips
Ocimum Biosolutions has launched OciChips, DNA microarrays recently acquired from MWG Biotech. DNA-microarrays, also known as biochips, are tools of increasing importance for academia and industry for basic research and for increasing the understanding of the influences of a multitude of factors on disease processes. The products in the area of array technology at MWG presently include hybridization service, catalog arrays, oligo sets, consumable and kits, software and array user information. Ocimum will take over MWG's portfolio of biochips on the complete genomes of a multitude of model organisms (including rat, mouse, zebra fish, etc.) as well as a biochip representing the complete human genome.
For more information, contact: bdm@ocimumbio.com.

Dynex's Triad series of multimode readers available in India
The TRIAD series of multimode readers from Dynex Technologies provide flexibility for a variety of application needs. It is capable of performing fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance measurements. The TRIAD series is suited for a broad range of applications including protein and enzyme studies, molecular biology, and even cell-based assays. The unique instrument design of the TRIAD series utilizes Dynabrite led-based detection optics to ensure excellent performance in all detection modes. A wide range of filter slides allow researchers to both customize and expand the capabilities of their TRIAD systems as their needs change. It is powered by a highly intuitive instrument operating software package for ease of use and flexibility thus making the implementation and analysis of even complex protocols simple. The Triad series is being distributed in India exclusively by the Chandigarh-based Imperial Bio-Medic P Ltd.
For further details, contact: ibmplch@sancharnet.in


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