India’s diagnostics queen

Being a woman entrepreneur in India isn’t a rosy journey. Running a business owned by the family may sound too cool and easy. But it is not so


Ms Ameera Shah, MD & CEO, Metropolis Healthcare

Despite the hard struggles in a male-dominated society, women have fought bravely and stood their grounds against all odds. Ms Ameera Shah, the MD and promoter of Mumbai-based Metropolis Healthcare, isn't an exception either.

Though she took over her father's business, the journey wasn't a cake walk. She was often mistaken for a secretary, and had to overcome gender discrimination and belittling from junior male colleagues.

In her exclusive interview to BioSpectrum, she shares her insights on Indian diagnostics scene, the company's next market expansion plans, and ultimately her own entrepreneurial struggles and immeasurable efforts in building her own diagnostics kingdom. Excerpts:

Q: What trends are shaping up the Indian diagnostics space?

Ameera Shah: The most important trend today that we observe is the heightened awareness of the new age customer. They take their health in their own hands, take preventive measures and want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

For today's customer, health is about wellness rather than the absence of illness which is an extremely wonderful trend.


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