The sound of hearing

Though Mr Paresh Patel’s hearing ability was challenged, he desired to lead an unhindered life and wanted to help other hearing-impaired people to improve their lives. The result was the birth of Quadio


Quadio Team (L-R) Mr Anurag Sharma, Co-founder & CTO; Mr Neeraj Dotel, CEO; & Mr Paresh Patel, Co-founder

In 2009, IITians Mr Patel and Mr Anurag Sharma together co-founded Quadio Devices in Pune.

Hearing loss in India is largely unaddressed and the existing hearing health facilities are scarce and unaffordable for many. Quadio aims to bridge this gap by empowering people by providing accessible and affordable hearing care solutions, from hearing aids to portable diagnostics.

Recently, the company launched its indigenously developed India's first hearing app, Q+, a smartphone app which converts a contemporary smartphone into hearing aids by harnessing the phone's processing power, microphone and wired headsets for delivering sound to the user.

BioSpectrum caught up with Quadio's CEO Mr Neeraj Dotel, who shares the company's vision and strategy in making hearing solutions affordable to the common man and Quadio's innovations in the pipeline. Edited excerpts:

Q: Tell us about Quadio's recent innovations.

A: Initially, we started making hearing aids but then we soon realized that the real challenge was accessibility. The company then started developing Net Dispensing, a solution built around internet and mobile technologies with a goal to improve the accessibility, affordability and adoption of hearing solutions.


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