Indian market has a promising future: IKA

Since 1910, IKA has been a German family-owned technology company that makes a wide range of laboratory, analytical and processing devices serving multitude of industries


Mr Erhard Eble, VP, IKA Group

It first ventured to India in 2008, and has eight locations on four continents across the globe.

Mr Erhard Eble, the VP of IKA Group was recently in India and spoke exclusively with BioSpectrum's Raj Gunashekar.

He talks about the company's experience in India thus far, the factors that have contributed to its growth, future plans, and the company's strategies for continued success in a challenging market like India. Edited excerpts:

Q: What trends do you see in the lab and processing equipments market in India?

A: The market in India today is very good and it has tremendous potential opportunity, and we are seeing many more international companies setting up subsidiaries here in India.

We have learned that customers in this market require high quality lab and processing equipment and the trend we are seeing at IKA points to success similar to that which we have experienced in major markets such as India.


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