“Permanence of antimicrobials is the perfect solution”

Mr Vikram Bhadauria, director, Alok Masterbatches in an interview gave details on use of antimicrobial masterbatches in preventing diseases

Consider a hospital environment - it is germ rich and the possibility of an infection spreading is high. From door handles, public seats, to staircase railings, every touch can be a possible source of infection.

Any masterbatch employed to control this spread should ideally satisfy three primary parameters such as non-toxic i.e. it should be safe for human contact. It should be highly effective and strong mortality rate of 99 percent or higher. Any effective antimicrobial masterbatch should last as long as the product lasts.
Another avenue of contracting microbial infections is public transportation. Because antimicrobial treated products give a sense of safety and well-being, these can also be used widely and effectively in metros, buses, airplanes, railways, and other such mediums. Use of disinfectants is typically cumbersome, repetitive and in the long run, very expensive. In such a case, permanence of antimicrobials such as Bactisafe, is the perfect solution.

Are antimicrobials environmentally safe?

While I cannot comment on all the antimicrobials made in the world, I can offer a peak into the one we make at Alok, Bactisafe.

Bactisafe antimicrobials are based on pure silver. Not so long ago, our elders ate their food in silver utensils as silver is the most potent & safe antimicrobial known to mankind. It is safe and non toxic unlike many other chemically derived additives, which while being very effective, have toxicity issues and un-researched effects of the human and animal bodies. Bactisafe is an FDA compliant product and is widely accepted as a benchmark of safety.

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