TAKE’s acquisition of Ecron Acunova will amplify our experience in Life Sciences

TAKE Solutions Ltd., recently acquired Ecron Acunova (EA). In a conversation with Ram Yeleswarapu, President and CEO of TAKE Solutions, the details of the acquisition were elaborated


How did this proposition of acquiring Enron Acunova come through for TAKE?

We have known the company for a while and have worked on joint projects previously. This relationship has evolved from there.

What are the strategic advantages with this acquisition?

This acquisition will broaden TAKE's scope of expertise to target the largely untapped Biosimilars, Regenerative Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging Agents space by increasing our IP assets. We will also add audit ready infrastructure in Europe and India, and parts of South Asia to our expanding global footprint. Through this acquisition, we will also augment our pool of subject-matter experts by 30% and life sciences talent by 50%, significantly amplifying our experience, innovation and domain expertise. In addition, the Full Service capability along with expanded infrastructure will allow us to service the mid-market as well.

Ecron Acunova (EA) is a Life Sciences services company delivering pharmaceutical research services to global clients across South East Asia, Central & Nordic Europe and North America. Along with catering to big pharma clients, EA's capabilities lay in delivering highly specialized services to small/medium size biotech and pharma companies in the areas of Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, Strategic Consulting, Clinical Data Management and Biostatistics, Medical Writing, Clinical Trials Phases II-IV and Bioavailability & Bioequivalence (BA/BE). Thus this acquisition will help TAKE exploit all of EA's expertise.


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