• 27 October 2015
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  • By Ayesha

'We are very serious about entering the Indian market'

Says the CEO and co-founder of Finesse Dr Barbara Paldus. Launched in 2005, Finesse is a California-based bioprocess management solutions company which has an increasing presence in Singapore, Korea, China and Latin America, is now eyeing the Indian market .


Please tell us about finesse, its business area and product offerings.

Dr Paldus: Finesse makes measurement and automation solutions which means we manufacture and designs both the biosensors for bioprocessing as well as for the automation system in bioprocessing. We have done that in the upstream for cell culture and fermentation for about 10 years now and we have recently developed our very own glass bioreactors and rocker bioreactors. We will be launching our single use 3L plastic bioreactor at the end of this year. So that we can also offer full lab scale solutions. We partner with all the major single use bioreactor vendors like GE, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Merck Millipore, ATMI pall etc on automating their bioreactors for end users. We create and provide single use sensors for their bioreactors as well.

Where we are going into our roadmap is we have made this universal controller for the upstream, now we will be making the controllers for downstream. So early next year we will be launching universal controllers for automation imaging filtration systems which will again be compatible with filters from Millipore, GE, etc and eventually we will move onto the chromatography automation as well.

What is the purpose of this visit?

Dr Paldus: The purpose of this visit is to really open up the Indian market. We have been looking at expanding in the Indian market for about Five years now. This is our first official position in India. We are very keen because we believe the Indian market recognizes the single use and the importance of automation for robust and repeatable processes. The market is now ready for the kinds of products that we offer, whereas five years ago, when we explore this market we did not think it was the case then.

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