“For perfect health system, each nation has to learn from the other”

Dr Mark Britnell, chairman of KPMG Global Health who was recently in India to launch his new book “In Search of the Perfect Health System”, spoke exclusively to BioSpectrum on various health issues in India and Asia-Pacific region


Did you manage to find the perfect health system in your latest book, ‘In Search of the Perfect Health System'? What are the takeaways for developing world?

Dr Britnell: There is no health system in world which could be called perfect. Each one of them has to learn from the others. Elements of healthcare systems as diverse as those found in India, South Africa and Singapore can contribute to meeting the global healthcare challenge, demonstrating how collaboration on a global scale can tackle these challenges.

I would like to point out twelve facets of universal healthcare discussed in book. Values and universal healthcare of UK; Primary care of Israel; Community services of Brazil; Mental health and well being of Australia; health promotion of the Nordic countries; patient and community empowerment in parts of Africa; Research and development of US; Innovation, flair and speed of India; Information, communications and technology of Singapore; Choice of France; Funding of Switzerland and Aged care of Japan.

Whether it is malaria, HIV or TB, there have to be collaborations for an early outcome on prevention and treatment. There is something to teach and something to learn from.

Why is that Indian healthcare never received the attention even after 60 years of independence? Do we have misplaced priorities or compulsion to focus on other things first?

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