“Healthcare requires a paradigm shift”

During his recent interaction with the BioSpectrum, Mr Nilaya Varma, partner, head of government practice, KPMG shared insights on the health scenario, government’s role and much more. Read on


What as per you are the expectations of healthcare industry from the government after its one year in power?

The spending crunches in healthcare have been ailing this industry. There is a lot of talk about government reducing its funding and no new specific key programmes being launched so far. In that context, we wanted to state few core important points in our latest report too. The healthcare industry has potential that can generate the growth India requires. It can be tomorrow's game changer for India. That's why we are saying that it requires a paradigm shift from being a mere necessity to become the solution provider to complex issues.

Typically social angle was always the main consideration for health but I say that the focus on infrastructure and industry to empower healthcare delivery is the need of the time. We should remember that India cannot become a developed nation with the current healthcare delivery system.

There is no visible assurance from the government on funding. Health stands neglected especially in rural areas?

If we ask the citizens on their expectations from the government, I am sure the healthcare won't make it to top three. It is dramatically changing as the disease burden that is growing in India, is making the case worst. In rural areas, the inhabitants are unable to pay for the treatments. Whether the disease is communicable or non-communicable, it becomes a tale of hardship for a common citizen too.

As I was pointing out, the housing, food and clothes will no longer remain priority. It will be the education and healthcare in the next decade. I would see the government responding to the facts being put out by various reports.

KPMG latest report talks about opportunities in health. Could you please highlight the major concluding points out of the report?

Present government has come up with ‘Swatcch Bharat Campaign' which is indeed a very good idea but yet is ironic that nobody talks about funding part when it comes to healthcare.


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