"Biometrics are quite useful in pharma industry"

Mentioned Mr Tamaal Roy, chief executive officer, Biomatiques Identification Solutions in an e-chat with the BioSpectrum. The latest iris technology offers best form of security to areas of high importance within pharma companies


Mr Tamaal Roy, chief executive officer, Biomatiques Identification Solutions

Q: What is Iris technology? What is its relevance in context of biotech, medical and pharma industry?

Iris recognition technology uses random textures that are visible in the eye, using the eye to confirm someone's identity. Unlike voice, fingerprints & facial structure, iris patterns have far more random patterns. IRIS recognition technology holds the highest CAGR due to highest accuracy. A study by Ernst & Young says that the Indian biometric market will grow to $748 million before 2018. Compounded annual growth for biometric market will be somewhere around 27 percent globally and 47 percent for India and that's purely because Indian government has adapted to the biometric modality.

The technology is quite useful in an environment where there is continuous use of PPE - Personal Protective Equipment. A PPE would ideally include a mask or a respirator along with a head cap, hazmat suit and gloves. A gloved hand cannot be used on a finger print reader. Similarly, a masked face will not be detected on a face reader. Thus even when an individual is geared in a full PPE, all he needs to do is to scan his iris and get access. Moreover what is important to note here is the fact that even if someone decides to don a PPE and disguise and choose someone else's identity to breach security and get access, it won't work as the iris scanner will only grant access to the actual person and not the counterfeit intruder.

Q: What are its benefits vis a vis other biometric solutions available presently?

Most of the biometric methods used for security systems are outdated. Voice, fingerprint and facial recognition methods are easy to fake and have very low accuracy rate compared to iris recognition technology. Speaking in terms of the software, accuracy rate of the iris recognition technology is 1:15 lakh, thumb print - 1:10,000, Apple touch pad - 1:50000, which means the chances of error are 1 in 1.5 million.


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