‘VCs keen to invest in new IPs and products’

Temperature management of certain medicines and injections are highly essential throughout the journey from the lab-to-pharmacy


Mr Ranjan Jain, managing director, Elanpro (Photo Courtesy: www.indiaretailing.com)

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing at a burgeoning rate and there is a huge movement in terms of import and export. The biotechnology sector on the other hand, is a significant sector enhancing India's global profile, contributing to the growth of the economy.

The ever growing pharmaceutical industry is acutely temperature and time sensitive. Cold supply chain acts like a backbone for the pharma industry. 

In his exclusive interview to BioSpectrum's Raj Gunashekar, Mr Ranjan Jain, managing director, Elanpro, a cold chain solutions provider, shares that India's cold chain industry is still evolving, disorganized and operating below its capacity. He also talks about some of the most valuable insights on India's cold chain supply chain industry, investment drivers, the future challenges and how major players are geared up to solve them.

Q: What key trends are shaping up the cold chain industry?

A: The biotech and pharma sector is evolving very fast with India becoming major hub for clinical trials and production of vaccines and injectibles. This activity is being driven by a combination, where the biopharma industry is going more towards biologics, and the global industry's push into emerging markets


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