Biosimilars to jolt Biacore technology in India

Biacore Life Sciences has been in existence since the late 90’s and was acquired by GE Healthcare for $330 million in 2006.


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Biacore systems lead the way in analyzing biological interactions, widely studied in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology space.

"Whenever two biological entities interact with each other, researchers involved in drug discovery and drug characterization are concerned to study how the entities interact with each other, how strong or weak the bond is, how much of one entity is needed to bind with the other, and why the entities bind together," explained Mr Lalith Kishore, GM, research products, GE Healthcare Lifesciences.

Some of the first successes seen in the world of biosimilars were the results of Biacore. "It is an essential component in establishing biosimilarity," said Mr Kishore.

Currently in India, there are 80 active users of Biacore technology. Fifty percent of the users are from the academia and the rest half are in the industry.

According to GE, its Biacore business this year touched $3.5 million, and in the next year it expects it to reach $5 million.


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