30% of Praj revenue comes from emerging businesses

Praj is a process solutions company providing innovative solutions for beverage alcohol and bioethanol plant, brewery, water and wastewater treatment plant, critical process equipment and systems and bioproducts


Mr Mihir Mehta, BU Head of PH

A globally leading company with over 600 references in more than 60 countries across 5 continents, Praj has six key businesses. The businesses of ethanol/alcohol and brewery plants are categorized as core businesses and the recently added
verticals of water & wastewater solutions, critical process equipment and systems and solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech and hygienic applications of PrajHiPurity
Systems have been categorized into Emerging Businesses.

Praj has also launched its business initiatives in the bioconsumables segment. This is based on the biotech expertise and experience and the work done at Praj Matrix,
the R&D Center addressing the pharmaceutical, biotech and F&B sector. Praj acquired Praj HiPurity Systems, a company engaged in providing hi purity water and hygienic systems to the pharma industry. Together with Praj Industries, Praj HiPurity Systems provides cutting edge, end-to-end solutions. This includes water treatment solutions & modular systems, wastewater treatment solutions and process engineering and design capability to ensure superior level of service to clients in these sectors. 

How big is the HiPurity business today? I understand that this group falls in the "Growth Business" trajectory of Praj and this business would account for nearly 30 percent share of the total revenues of Praj.
The Emerging businesses form 30 percent of Praj revenues. The contribution of PrajHiPurity to the revenue is significant. In fact, the investments in pharma machinery would probably lead pharma industry growth. 

Neela Systems has been providing integrated solutions in water treatment and process development. Can you outline its vision, key business strategies, and market reach?
Reducing time to market for our clients by bringing to India the prevalent practices of developed markets like EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) while setting up new Pharma facilities in India. More and more clients want faster plant installation with single point responsibility including water and process systems. A few of our multinational clients have NMT 5-6 key agencies delivering an entire facility.

While in India, there are an average 300 agencies delivering an entire plant In India. We were in strategic position to deliver such solutions as a single point responsibility for Water and Liquid Processing skids/ systems. There are very few companies around the globe with such skill sets to deliver water and process solutions together. Our previous engagements with the pharma industry has helped us get valuable insights on the actual functioning of a pharmaceutical project, its needs, its drivers, its constraints and thereby helping us design more robust and user friendly solutions.

We believe more than half of the clients operating in the Biopharma and Sterile injectables space will look for a single point Integrated solutions for water and liquid process systems. Add to that our capabilities to handle their waste water requirements, we are a in a perfect position to lead this space.

What is the current stake of Praj in the subsidiary?
Praj holds 80 percent stake in PrajHiPurity Systems. 

The company recently announced the launch of BioWiz Smart Bioreactor. Could you explain us the innovation behind this product?
Biowiz Bioreactor / Fermenter series is designed to cater to the fermentation applications in Biopharma and other related industries. These products have been
designed with exhaustive insights of actual end users. Handling these bio-reactors are going to be a different experience for the end user with a fresh perspective. The
user friendliness of the systems will be visible to one and all handling the system and in the end prove to be a great shift from conventional systems. These new generation
Bioreactors/ Fermenters will be available in a variety of options keeping in mind their application, objectives and resources available.

Clients would be able to make a more informed decision while selecting the type of system. Largely the system is designed for delivering ‘plug and play'. The system design is a good blend of classical protocols and Information Technology in the most efficient way. Some features have been arrived upon by collective experience of a few hundred years and a year full of man day efforts with 5 disciplines of science and engineering working in cohesion. We sincerely believe a product built with such care and passion will challenge and change the status quo in the industry for re-usable Bioreactor/ Fermenter space.

Does this also signal the extension of HiPurity's solutions portfolio into other areas?
Yes. It announces the arrival of PHS as a player in this space with the uniqueness enjoyed by a very few organizations across the globe in the EPC space for the Bio-pharmaceutical Industries. PHS by virtue of Biowiz in its portfolio can truly pose as a one stop solution provider for Bio-pharmaceutical Companies. This would be a big shift from its present portfolio catering to Clean utilities and Unit liquid Processes to a truly ‘one-stopshop'. 

PHS has added feathers in the cap by executing some of the prestigious projects in European market currently with CE certification. PHS has planned to introduce/
showcase the capabilities at appropriate platform in coming future.

What are your other important product pipelines?
PHS is also working to develop skids for Tangential flow filtrations (TFF) to cater the Bio pharma requirements. Apart from these, we have a few more products in pipeline in the water treatment phase with the prime objective of eliminating multiple unit processes (7-8) that our clients employ for treating water. We intend to have NMT 5 unit processes to deliver Purified water from any grade of feed water. Handling pathogens in raw water has been a consistent problem and the industry has not
yet received any solutions. We are in process of developing an application for the purpose of delivering pathogen free water to the water treatment plant. This will change the fear perception that follows with water treatment and its related challenges (treatment and Validation). You should hear of these product roll-outs shortly.


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