“Opposition to Golden rice not justified logically”

Recently on his visit to India as part of his ‘Allow Golden Rice Now' campaign, Dr Patrick Moore, an international environmental leader and a founding member of Greenpeace, tried to spread awareness on the issue


Dr Patrick Moore, environmentalist, EcoSense and founder, Golden Rice Now.

In his exclusive conversation with the BioSpectrum, he elaborated on how his campaign seeks to address the problem related to the high incidence of Vitamin A deficiency in India.

Q: Why do we need Gloden rice? Why are international health agencies of repute not openly recommending it?

Golden Rice is a new type of rice that contains beta carotene, a source of vitamin A, thus a potential new food-based approach to the issue. However, opposition from Greenpeace and NGOs has led to political pressure on respective governments in developing nations leading to reluctance to give a go ahead for its cultivation. The latest examples among these is China.

The UN agencies by not declaring their position on the Golden Rice, sound more about being politically correct. They perhaps fear the activists in Europe and don't want to take a position due to fear of offending them. But it is not good as we have a problem here. They know it the international charity and health organizations that are supporting the cause of providing nutrition to children of developing countries. They must stand up for what is right.

Q: How will be the golden rice priced? Why do we require it instead of capsules to deliver vitamin A?


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