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The biotech sector has suffered due to lack of clear regulations, believes Dr Villoo Morawala-Patell,chairman and managing director, Avesthagen. She says this is the time to act


Dr Villoo Morawala-Patell, founder, chairman and managing director of Indian biotechnology company, Avesthagen.

In this short interview, Dr Villoo Morawala-Patell speaks out her mind on how to address the few key issues: 

Q: Is there any gap between the scientists and policy making mechanism at higher level, leading to mis-communication and mistrust? 

Yes there is a large gap between the scientists and the policy making mechanism. There needs to be a democratic inclusion in policy making. Also different stakeholders need to be brought in from the start.

Q: What is your comment on GEAC's inactivity in last one year? Has it really affected your research outcome so far?

Well I believe GEAC activity must be continuous and even if there is a ruling at the supreme court, the GEAC must continue to meet and go forward. Many things have affected the outcome of my work. I created something meaningful and significant. And it has been put on slow track by lack of funding and lack of regulations and clarity. 


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Dr. Geetaa Singh 4 April 2014 at 02:33 PM

I completely agree with Dr. Patell. Entire country’s economy is driven by fuel. The National Biofuel policy is so well written, but execution is a complete failure. Biofuels Business growth is linked to availability of quality feedstock. Blending mandates are simply ignored by Government with lack of vision. Incentives defined in the Biofuel Policy are simply fake. Associated land scams and release of unscientific/spurious starter material for Biofuel plantations has been major setback for FDI. We have a lack of leadership with regard to independent, self-sustaining national energy policy whereas countries like Brazil, EU, and USA have well defined policies and independence in implementation is valued above political party whims. However, Department of Biotechnology is moderately supportive, but very confused, fragmented, and lacking focus on the long term needs of business. R & D efforts have gone in vain, as the achievable end-products are dependent on geo-political and financial factors. Life and business have been stranded due to execution missteps. Capital markets are very challenging despite the availability of Biotech finance. Lack of stability in policies has created doubt with investors and many strategic partners have withdrawn support as the RoI are delayed due to these factors. Political power is highly regulated monopoly. Small and Medium scale business ventures like ours, cannot survive in a highly monopolized field without independent and supportive policies. I strongly endorse Dr. Patell’s last paragraph.


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