• New Delhi
  • 19 February 2014
  • Interviews
  • By Rahul Koul

“We have great scope for working together”

India’s rich academic resources and Netherland’s technology must find a common ground for mutual benefit feels Ms Edith I Schippers, minister of health, Netherland. BioSpectrum spoke to her recently at New Delhi and here are the excerpts:


Ms Edith I Schippers, minister of health, Netherland

Q: How do you look at India as a destination for health collaborations?

India has got very rich academic profile having highly qualified scientists. If we join forces then we can become strong internationally rather than going alone. For example the recent collaboration on the joint project in the area of brain diseases will go a long way to make, I think for this cohort study (for diagnosis and curing dementia and other brain diseases), India has a large population and if we use technology, we can make progress. That is the aim of the particular study. There is much more scope to work together on similar studies in different areas of science.

Q: What are methods to be employed for ensuring healthcare facilities for all?

The public private partnerships (PPPs) are very important and can give rise to numerous possibilities. So life science can address the issue in a hugely populated country like India where you don't see hospitals being put everywhere. It is good not to repeat mistakes and learn from the past ones. There is a need to utilize the mobile healthcare and telemedicine facilities for reaching out to huge populations.

Q: India spends less on research as compared to others. What is your view?


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