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  • 25 October 2013
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'Robust growth in next three years' : Mr Surendra Kumar Agarwal


Surendra Kumar Agarwal, managing director, sisco research

Into the business since 1976, Sisco Research Laboratories (SRL) is a pioneering manufacturer of molecular biology grade specialty chemicals. SRL has been at the forefront of identifying, manufacturing and supplying new compounds and ready-to-use reagents for biochemists and molecular biologists world over. Mr Surendra Kumar Agarwal, managing director, SRL shares his views on the buying behavior of clients, recent product additions, and growth.

What is the potential for your market in India compared to that a decade back? Have you noticed any change in the buying behavior of clients?

Mr Agarwal: When we talk about the market behavior today we see wider acceptance for Indian products as compared to 10 years back or so when there was lack of confidence from the buyers. Perception has changed. Market has become favorable for business. We see lot more new chemical entities now and the private CROs are also doing chemical research. Buyers have become demanding and manufacturing of specialty reagents market has changed. The industrial revolution that is currently going on in India, especially healthcare, is drifting towards more closely documented and regulated manufacturing practices, putting tremendous expectations on biosuppliers to commit and fulfill regulatory requirements. SRL's indegenous manufacturing and traceability standards are geared towards satisfying all such requirements. In the next five years, these norms are only going to get stricter and necessitate very strong infrastructure and back-end processing by biosuppliers in order to remain partners to the actual biopharmaceuticals industry. Regulatory changes, penetration in smaller companies, and standards have made the biosupplier market more competitive.

What is your current market share? Have there been any major additions into your product portfolio?

India is a fragmented market; there are only about 10 major companies in India in this market. We have about 25 percent market share in biochemicals and bioreagents. We have seen tremendous growth especially in bioorganic market. We are into manufacturing of biocatalyst. There have been additions in our product portfolio. Our molecular biology grade solvents, are DNAse, RNAse and Protease free and also free from other volatile organic impurities, that may arise while dissolving samples of proteins/amino acids and any other biological samples while performing assays. SRL has developed proprietary technologies to enhance these solvents which are used widely and have eliminated the use of regular lower grade solvent systems. Our recent introductions are DNA and protein tools which are used as biotechnology markers and in genomics. Added range of growth factors also adds to the list. Also we have additional list in protein enzymes.


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