"We are developing joint ventures to build and operate bioenergy zones"

VayuGrid is an enterprise that is engaged in building community based bioenergy and biofuel supply chains in association with rural communities, government, and industry.

The third bottom line is the social bottom line, which is the measurable social benefits to the rural communities. The BioEnergy Zones convert unproductive lands to productive land and provide jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities, and equity for over 60 years to the rural communities.

VayuGrid is focusing its efforts on building BioEnergy Plantations around VayuSap in markets such as Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Is VayuGrid only targeting emerging economies and developing nations? If yes, why? What about developed nations who tend to contribute more carbon footprints?

Independent research shows that two-thirds of the increased global greenhouse emissions over the next 10 years is expected to come from emerging economies. Additionally, it has been shown that lack of energy access is a significant inhibitor of grown in emerging economies. So taking action with emerging economies to support the economic growth in a socially responsible model, while at the same time heading off the increased emissions is something that can be accomplished. Therefore, because of these factors many of VayuGrid's initial projects are in emerging economies.

However, VayuGrid also is seeing increasing demand for projects in developed nations. The biofuel blending mandates in the Americas and Europe account for 94 percent of the total biofuel blending mandates across the globe. Biofuel projects are being developed to meet these mandates, while at the same time meeting non-biofuel related targets.

For instance, phytoremediation, organic fertilizers, jobs and other BioEnergy Zone properties in combination make for a multi-dimensional benefit in developed economies similar to emerging economies.

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Ajit prasad 29 September 2015 at 08:46 AM

Vayugid market place services is not paying bills woofk done at SWML, kapurd , Barmer. Vayugrid has taken plantation works services from kashyap plantations & biofuels Udaipur Rajasthan. They don't have funds to Seattle bills after one year completed.


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