"We are developing joint ventures to build and operate bioenergy zones"

VayuGrid is an enterprise that is engaged in building community based bioenergy and biofuel supply chains in association with rural communities, government, and industry.

Can you explain the environmental friendliness of VayuSap Biofuels?

VayuSap biofuels as an energy source do not increase carbon in the atmosphere because of the unique properties of the VayuSap to perennially produce fuel, to extract both carbon and nitrogen from the atmosphere at very high levels, to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers, and to process into biodiesel without the use of petroleum.

Additionally, the VayuSap biofuels eliminate the sulfur and ash which are released when burning diesel and coal. Thus the atmosphere is significantly improved through VayuSap biofuels as there is a reduction in greenhouse gasses, particulates, and acid rain.
VayuSap also improves the soil while growing the biofuels. The trees are an inclusive species that fix nitrogen into the soil, thus increasing soil productivity. Further, VayuSap is a very effective plant for phytoremediation of mined and landfill soils, and other similar land reclamation projects. The trees will re-establish a natural ecosystem of plants and micro-organisms in the soil while the damaging hard metals are taken up and dissipated through natural means.

How do you intend to work with the Indian rural communities, government and industry in the area of biofuels?

We are developing joint ventures (JV) to build and operate the BioEnergy Zones with all partners having an equity stake in the success of the projects. The rural communities, as JV partners, are key for building and operating the plantations to scale. Government, as a JV partner, provides land and policies and oversight to meet standards of operation. And industry, as a JV partner, provides the capital and demand for the yield of the BioEnergy Zones. Thus all three are critical to the long term success and value generation.

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Ajit prasad 29 September 2015 at 08:46 AM

Vayugid market place services is not paying bills woofk done at SWML, kapurd , Barmer. Vayugrid has taken plantation works services from kashyap plantations & biofuels Udaipur Rajasthan. They don't have funds to Seattle bills after one year completed.


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