"We are developing joint ventures to build and operate bioenergy zones"

VayuGrid is an enterprise that is engaged in building community based bioenergy and biofuel supply chains in association with rural communities, government, and industry.

Do you think the concept of biofuels is still at an embryonic stage in India? Explain.

The technology concept is well beyond embryonic as it has been well researched and developed to a commercial scale. Millions of elite biofuel trees are being produced today and government, industry, and non-profits have independently validated the economic, environmental, and social benefits.

The implementations themselves are still embryonic in terms of the scale we expect them to achieve over the next 5 years. For instance, in the mining sector alone, we see potentials of millions of reclamation acres of BioEnergy Zones producing tens of billions of liters of biodiesel, whereas today we are working in the thousands of acres. This is precisely the opportunity since India has the unproductive, unused land assets and the right biofuel platform. If India doesn't take the opportunity, other countries will execute and then there is no turning back.

What are your major challenges in growing energy crops in India?

The two major challenges we face are, first the traditional competition between food and fuel, and second the traditional reliance of biofuels on government subsidies. The VayuSap solution was carefully selected and validated for growing on lands not suitable for food crop, thus avoiding the food vs fuel debate.

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Ajit prasad 29 September 2015 at 08:46 AM

Vayugid market place services is not paying bills woofk done at SWML, kapurd , Barmer. Vayugrid has taken plantation works services from kashyap plantations & biofuels Udaipur Rajasthan. They don't have funds to Seattle bills after one year completed.


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