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  • 13 August 2013
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  • By Rahul Koul

Biocon offers four targeted therapies in cancer treatment

With several promising indications such as oesophageal cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, Biocon is currently conducting several clinical trials at various centers in India


Biocon under the leadership of Ms Kiran Mazumdar Shaw continues to diversify into newer areas.

The annual incidence of all forms of cancer is about a million in India with lung, head, neck and breast comprising the leading sites. Accelerating incidence is due to increasing life expectancy,sedentary lifestyles and risk factors like smoking coupled with greater access to early and efficient diagnosis.

Biocon is one of the few Indian companies to offer four targeted therapies in a short span of time. The success of its flagship brands, BIOMAb EGFR® and AbraxaneTM has placed Biocon among the top 10 oncology players in India. In addition, it has a wide portfolio of supportive care and cytotoxic drugs, at very affordable rates.

According to Mr Shukrit Chimote, head, branded formulations-India, Biocon, "Though compulsory licensing has made some novel drugs significantly affordable, I feel it might deter launches of innovative medicines in India.Biocon's oncology business development team is one of the most active in the industry. We are constantly on the lookout for exciting and affordable treatment options for Indian cancer patients"

Mr Chimote revealed further, "We are in the process of launching a modality for treating CT/RT induced oral mucositis, a new treatment option RT induced dermatitis amongst few other launches. Clinical evaluation of several drugs from our Biologics pipeline is in advanced stage."

Biocon launched BIOMAb EGFR® (Nimotuzumab), the first novel biologic from its R&D pipeline, in 2006. It is a humanized anti-EGFR MAb approved in India for the treatment of head and neck cancers. Cost of BIOMAb EGFR® treatment is at least 50% lower than other comparable treatment options. So far, over 5,500 patients have been treated with BIOMAb EGFR® with complete support to over 1,500 underprivileged patients through our compassionate use program.


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