• 9 May 2013
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'A one stop shop for customers'

Speaking with BioSpectrum, Mr Amit Agarwal, VP and country head, Fisher Scientific India, outlines his plans to make the company a preferred channel partner for its customers and how a focus on tier 2 and tier 3 cities will ensure sustained growth


Mr Amit Agarwal, VP and country head, Fisher Scientific India

As a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Fisher Scientific has been a channel partner for not just the parent company's products, but also for other principals in the biosupplier domain having a revenue share of 20 percent in the entire group. Mr Amit Agarwal worked with Thermo Fisher Scientific group for 15 years in the US, before taking over as vice president and country head for Fisher Scientific India last year.

Q: How would you describe Fisher Scientific' offerings in the Indian market?
Mr Amit Agarwal: About seven years back, we bought a business called Qualigen, from GlaxoSmithKline, and that's how Fisher Scientific came into being. It was a primarily a chemicals company. Using that as a platform, we tried to reach out to different verticals that we focus on pharmaceuticals, life sciences, biotechnology, government and academic labs, over a period of time to the same customers. Since we are a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, we sell their products along with those of other brands like Corning, LabConco, BD, and IKA. We also have a small healthcare business that is focusing on healthcare products for small labs. Additionally, we cater to industrial manufacturing units in food and agriculture, but that is not our focus area.

Q: What verticals does this include?
It includes instruments, chemicals, reagents, glassware, and consumables. Basically, we supply all the things present in a research laboratory. Globally, Fisher Scientific is known as "one stop shop" for everything a researcher would need. In terms of government and private, 25 percent is driven by government funding and the rest is from private sources. Small, medium big biotechs, pharma companies, private hospitals and pathology labs come in the latter class.

Q: How does Fisher Scientific align its activities with Thermo Fisher Scientific's operations, while supplying other brands?
Thermo Fisher is the parent corporation that includes Thermo Scientific, Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services, that is not introduced in India as yet, and smaller brands like Cole-Parmer, Nunc and Nalgene. Every product that we make is branded as Thermo Scientific. These products are then taken to the market through the channel, that is us. We do not deal with R&D and manufacturing, but are just the channel that sells internal products along with other brands.

Our value proposition is choice and convenience. We would like the customer to first consider the Thermo Scientific product, but in case they would prefer some other brand, we would offer that product as well. Retaining the customer and building a relationship is important to us. We are selling other things over a period of time as well, so we offer them products as per their needs.


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