“Prospects in biotech requires patience and persistence”

BioSpectrum spoke to Ms Chintala Jyothi, group leader, downstream processing, manufacturing technology, Shantha Biotechnics, about her perception of the biotech industry


Ms Chintala Jyothi, group leader, downstream processing, manufacturing technology, Shantha Biotechnics (A sanofi company), Hyderabad

Why have you chosen biotechnology as a career option?
Biotechnology is the science involved in application of physical, chemical and engineering sciences like into complex biological system. The solutions provided with the advent of utilization into wide arena of life ranging from molecular level for disease remediation to global level for environmental remediation always developed fascination for the course.

Are you now happy after selecting the course?
The intricacies in the subject and steady advancements always developed a constant endeavor for upliftment of human life. Yes, I am happy as a part of its never ending learning and new quest for problem solving.

How do you view biotechnology as an area of opportunity for career growth?
The endless prospects in the area of biotechnology requires patience and persistence which are apt for women; hence this is perfect suitability for career growth.

Who is your role model and why do you feel so?
I consider all the women who adorn wonderful roles at different aspects of their life as my role model. An excellent example is Ms Shanathamma (mother of Dr Varaprasad Reddy, founder, Shantha Biotechnics), who nurtured the first entrepreneur for India's first biotech industry.

What are your aims and objectives in life?
To maximally engage from my end in the industry, and to contribute towards disease prevention.

As a woman, how do you perceive biotechnology industry?
Though very recent, the biotechnology industry has spread itself as the future technology addressing critical problems ranging from food, fuel, pollution control, medicine and healthcare. The industry supports the surge for betterment of society. Hence as a woman, I am happy to be a part of this upcoming revolution resulting from recent progression, and that I hope shall concede an excellent growth opportunity.

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