"Opportunities galore for biotech industry”

Dr Bula Choudhury, research scientist, Guwahati Biotech Park (GBP), speaks to BioSpectrum about how big the opportunity is for women in biotech sector


Dr Bula Choudhury, research scientist, Guwahati Biotech Park

Why did you select biotechnology as a course for your career?
The reason for selecting biotechnology is that it is one of the major technologies of 21st century. Its wide multidisciplinary activities facilitated and attracted me to know the subject. During my studies, I always wanted to understand the fundamental principles of different techniques of biotechnology and its applications, and thus entered in to this field.

Are you now satisfied after selecting the course?
Yes, it was exciting for me when I have learned the tissue culture techniques, when I have isolated and screened the native microorganisms of North East (NE) India and worked on the genetic transformation of plant pathogenic fungus during my PhD and post-doctoral studies. My first job was quite enjoyable, when I explained the molecular biological techniques to the students and developed biotech laboratories at the Centre for Studies in Biotechnology, Dibrugarh University, Assam. In my current job profile, I am working with the entrepreneurs and serving them by setting up R&D units at GBPIC. My educational background and past working experiences makes me comfortable in the kind of work I do.

Is biotechnology a big opportunity for career-oriented women?
Biotechnology has a wide variety of career opportunities ranging from research and development, quality control, clinical research, manufacturing, regulatory affairs, information system and administration. Women can start their career as an entrepreneur also by setting up self-employment ventures.

Who is your role model and why do you feel so?
I have always been inspired by my parents, teachers, friends and other family members. In the biotechnology field, I would like to mention the names of two leading ladies of India. Ms Deepanwita Chattopadhyay, MD and CEO of IKP Knowledge Park, who developed the first knowledge park in India and Dr Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, chairman and MD of Biocon. Their contribution to the biotech sector in India and abroad is exceptional.

What are your aims and objectives in life?
My aim is to do my best for my surroundings. By working with GBP, I am looking at developing and encouraging entrepreneurship and industrial growth in NE region of India; ensure proper and effective utilization of the huge bioresources of this region; and accelerate the R&D activity in biotechnology and related areas. I want to contribute my best to the scientific and industrial growth of the NE India, which will greatly help in developing the socio-economic scenario of this region.

As a woman how do you perceive biotechnology industry?
The boom in biotechnology has opened up many opportunities for women, which can be commercially exploited to create new employment opportunities and economic wealth.

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Arabinda das 16 February 2015 at 11:48 PM

Madam, very impressed after reading the ambitious thoughts. My daughter Miss Arpita Is in final semester in biotech at ghty I it. Wheather She will have a good opportunity for job or self employment. Please advice.



Samiron Phukan 24 April 2013 at 12:43 AM

Good to see Bula in biospectrum.....All the very best. Continue the hard work.


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