Spinco chairman: Customers' confidence is our success formula

Mr S Thyagarajan , chairman, Spinco Biotech speaks about Spinco's successful rapport with Shimadzu, the establishment of Indian Institute of Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry and future plans for the company


Focused on building long lasting relationship with customers: Mr S Thyagarajan , chairman, Spinco Biotech

Spinco Biotech is celebrating its 32 years of service to the scientific community in 2013, which is quite a remarkable feat in this industry. Adding another feather in their cap is the sustained and successful 30 years relationship with Shimadzu, one of the global leaders for analytical instruments. The key factor which differentiates Spinco from its competitors is the customer confidence that they have built and the goal to continue to strive for the goodwill that the company has earned from its principals.

In a conversation with BioSpectrum, Mr S Thyagarajan, chairman, Spinco Biotech shares his thoughts about Spinco's 30 years of service and also about the latest product launches by the company.

Having completed 30 years of customer service, what new can the customers expect from Spinco?
Customer expectations have undergone a radical transformation in the past three decades, heavily influenced by the ever-changing market dynamics. Many of our key business relationships today did not exist in nineties. Moreover, the numerous mergers, acquisitions and other forms of investments at multinational company levels have added a global flavor to the customer perspectives. We are today considered consultation partners by many of our key accounts exalting us from the distributor status of yesterday.

Competing with global companies for their share, our customers expect from us an excellence in terms of service. To accord a 24x7 support and thus minimize downtime, we are also expected to organize workshops, to conduct trouble-shooting training, to help users in method development and at times to perform a technology assessment or sample analysis. Having understood this paradigm shift in customer demands, we are equipping ourselves with necessary talent and infrastructure.

What are the latest products of Spinco Biotech? Any upcoming technology in the life science segment?
Interestingly, analytical and life science instrumentation are a continually innovating process that goes with evolving new technology. These innovations take place not only in the design of instruments but pave the way for new applications hitherto not available. Some of the instruments in our portfolio today, especially in the life science segment were developed in the last ten years, thanks to the the human genome project, resulting in an exciting range of high-end instrumentation.

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