• 14 February 2013
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"Indian customers are not receptive due to cost factor"

Mr Karnik Parikh, director, Pharmalab, and Mr Daniele Bazzicalupo, head, sales management, Skan AG, talk about Skan’s collaboration with Pharmalab


Mr Daniele Bazzicalupo, head, sales management, Skan AG, Germany and Mr Karnik Parikh, director, Pharmalab, Mumbai

Pharmalab, which was started in 1962, celebrated its 50 years of service, which is quite an achievement in the Indian supplier industry. Continuing with its tradition of collaborating with international players, Pharmalab is strengthening its existing partnership with Germany-based Skan, by launching a new range of laboratory instruments.

BioSpectrum caught up with Mr Karnik Parikh, director, Pharmalab and Mr Daniele Bazzicalupo, head, Sales Management, Skan AG, Germany in Mumbai to understand their perspectives and their expansion plans.

Share with us your thoughts on Skan's collaboration with Pharmalab? Currently, what products do you plan to introduce in the Indian market?

Mr Bazzicalupo: We have been working with Pharmalab since three years. In the past, it was just our representative company, but now we are strengthening our bond. Skan primarily manufactures and distributes aseptic barrier isolator technologies that are used in sterility testing and other applications. These are made available in India through Pharmalab. Soon, we will start marketing our own range of laboratory equipment. We also hope to introduce products from basic instruments such as laminar hoods to more advanced lab equipment. In our view, as compared to last year, things are starting to take shape in Indian market for us, thanks to our relationship with Pharmalab, which has increased our visibility. India is a very interesting market for us and we hope to explore it further.

Mr Parikh: We are very happy with the way this collaboration is shaping up, especially with the new developments. For the laboratory equipment range, we are looking to create a separate group for marketing them, depending on the market response.


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