"Our facility will reshape India's analytical sector"

Mr Rainer Blair, president of AB SCIEX, shares his views about the new analytical facility established at Gurgaon, which will give scientists and laboratory technicians across India, an access to the latest innovations


Mr Rainer Blair, president, AB SCIEX, USA

AB SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, recently inaugurated a new analytical facility at Gurgaon. Set at an estimated cost of Rs 16 crore, the unit was established with the aim to give scientists and laboratory technicians across India, an access to the latest innovations in analytical technologies. In November 2011, the company's Indian unit expanded, with AB SCIEX acquiring the mass spectrometry business of Labindia.

BioSpectrum spoke to Mr Rainer Blair, president of AB SCIEX, USA about the company's present operations, opportunities, marketing strategies and future plans.

What is the objective of setting up this new facility in India?
Mr Blair: This state-of-the-art, scientific support centre is designed to help address some of India's biggest analytical challenges, including food safety, environmental protection, vitamin D analysis, biomedical research, testing of banned drugs of abuse, and the development of new therapeutics and generic drugs. Moreover, scientists and lab personnel in public and private sectors are expected to use it as a destination for proof-of-concept studies, development of new work flows, extensive training and troubleshooting support in method development. The facility in India will allow us to take the lead with our customers to reshape analytical science in this amazingly forward-thinking region of the world.

What according to you are the major challenges of doing business in India? What is your strategy?
India is a large country and the challenges here are of many fold. First, coverage of all the areas is a challenge along with building capabilities for new technologies. As the new regulatory regimes are being quickly put in place, the high standard needs to be maintained accordingly. To enable that, there has to be an increased need for awareness among the researchers about the latest technology upgradation. Another challenge is the investment in research by the government and the venture capitalists as it is directly related to their purchase capacity.

The worst fear for a company is the recall of its product from the market. So new methods have to be developed to suit the requirements of the clients. Our marketing strategy is based on the same and we also believe in creating innovative technologies for the clients. We work relentlessly every day to be a trusted partner with Indian scientists and lab managers.


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