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  • 7 November 2016
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  • By Ayesha

Digital Health: The Dawn of a new era in healthcare

Convergence of technology and healthcare has open up a whole new world of possibilities

There is also a lack of regulation and standardization. Moreover, innovation is needed on the hardware side.

How telecomm is enabling digital health
Telecommunication and connectivity is the pre requisite for any group interworking. Any work flow beyond hospital needs telecommunication. Also, in India doctor, patient ratio is very poor, here telemedicine comes to the rescue.

"Today, the technology is getting converted to three separate areas, i.e collection of basic data, transmission of the data and analysis of the data. Earlier, these three were integrated in any biomedical equipment. Now, the whole equipment chain is separating it out and this is happening so that you can have larger coverage area, lower cost and can also have the combination of multiple parameters rolled into one because you can always deploy multiple type of data collection. The one area in which telecomm plays a big role, it's called machine to machine communication where, you have sensors, health, biometric, sensors and then you are collecting all that information in a centralized place where you are analyzing it and separating out. This new workflow will have a very big impact," said Mr Vipin Tyagi, executive director, C-DOT.

He further added, "We also are talking about high-end super speciality hospitals, where sophistication has to be as par the standard of the western both in terms of connectivity of the equipment for diagnosis and also for entertainment of patients. The hospitals need high speed broadband (true broadband) for faster image transfer and also for video conferencing etc. Completely connected ecosystem is required in these kind of sophisticated hospitals."

Role of ‘Digital India' in digitizing healthcare
Healthcare in our country had multiple pain points. The structural opacity and lack of access to information led to a situation where the consumer was misled by multiple intermediaries.
"With GOI's "Digital India" initiative, we believe healthcare industry will overall benefit through better access to quality information, real time connectivity with healthcare providers and greater transparency," said Dr Sanjiv Agarwal, MD & founder, Diabetacare.

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