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  • 7 November 2016
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Digital Health: The Dawn of a new era in healthcare

Convergence of technology and healthcare has open up a whole new world of possibilities


Technolgy has revolutionized almost all the sectors, healthcare being no different. This convergence of technology and healthcare has open up a whole new world of possibilities which promise to improve the quality and efficiency of various healthcare services.

Technology for transforming healthcare
Scientists, healthcare providers, technology giants across the globe have come up with new and exciting ways to apply digital technology in healthcare to make lives easy and better. With new technology advancements, healthcare and treatment is becoming cheaper and more accessible.

"The healthcare industry is realizing the potential of digital technologies, with the usage of tools ranging from smartphones and tablet computers to remote sensors and monitoring devices to deliver care, information, and support to patients where and when they need it. These technologies play a key role in closing communication gaps between providers and patients and building new care models that enable patients to get care in the most convenient, cost-effective ways. Leading healthcare organizations have started using smartphone technology and remote monitoring devices to detect changes in patients' conditions and offer real-time feedback. Technology Enabled Care (TEC) - telecare, telehealth, telemedicine, mHealth, digital health and eHealth services have and will drive the healthcare domain in the future," said a spokesperson from Cisco.

According to Mr Dinesh Chindarkar, co-founder, MediaMedic Communications, "Smart phones have presented thousands of health apps that enable users to track their health minute by minute. All types of diseases have some or the other value added apps and have become a part of our lives. With increasing smartphone penetration and usage it is further going to boom. Telemedicine is one more area that helps doctors connect with their patients no matter where they are. In the rural sector this has larger implications. With an increasing use of internet and smart phone, patients now find it easy to access to various doctor specialities without wasting precious time."

People are more aware of their health today. Health-related information is more easily available. Earlier, ways to measure health parameters were only available with a doctor or at a hospital, but now information is available on mobile phone. In addition, hospital visits take time and can be inconvenient. Cost of healthcare is also rising. It is becoming increasingly important to detect early and take preventive care.


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