Hot Start-ups: A saga of the world’s fastest DNA, RNA stain

Bangalore-based start-up discovers the world’s safest and fastest DNA and RNA stain


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Both Dr Fathima Benazir (38) and Mr Alex Paul (38) were schoolmates and best childhood buddies. She was a postdoctoral research fellow at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, and was keenly looking out for opportunities abroad. She approached Mr Alex Paul and sent him her portfolio.

The Unexpected Spark

Intrigued by her profile and research accomplishments, Mr Paul persuaded her to apply her research to solve problems in different areas of Life Sciences.

"I always wanted to be a passionate scientist rather than an entrepreneur," says Dr Fathima, Co-founder & CEO, Azooka Life Sciences.

After several discussions and advice from her IISc mentors including Prof H S Savithri, Department of Biochemistry; Prof M R N Murthy, Molecular Biophysics Unit; and Dr C V Natraj, Advisor, Society for Innovation and Development (SID) IISc, she teamed up with co-founder Mr Alex and started Azooka Life Sciences in 2015.


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