Hot Start-ups: Armoring against allergies & infections

Imagine if you can ward-off allergies and infections just by armoring yourself with anti-microbial textiles! Sounds like a figment of imagination straight out of a Hollywood fantasy flick isn’t it? Nope.

The third layer contains a layer of activated carbon which reduces odors. The last layer is anti-bacterial made of cotton, which kills pathogens on the inside as valve.

In a hospital setting, doctors' white jackets have been reported to be a carrier of infections from one patient to another. I Shield's anti-infection jackets actively kill germs and controls the infections spread.

"We strongly believe that by controlling infections and allergies using products that consumers use on a day-to-day basis, we can improve the overall quality of life," comments Ms Aradhana Vohra, who heads I Shield's operations.

Today, hospital infections are increasing and consumer awareness has gained grounds.

"India is the diabetic capital of the world. Diabetics have higher chances of acquiring infections. Also, cancer patients, post their therapies, show a compromised immune system making them prone to infections," explains Dr Anand.

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