Hot Start-ups: Armoring against allergies & infections

Imagine if you can ward-off allergies and infections just by armoring yourself with anti-microbial textiles! Sounds like a figment of imagination straight out of a Hollywood fantasy flick isn’t it? Nope.

The start-up now employees less than 10 professionals including the operations and sales team in Bangalore, and at the factory in Tirupur in Tamil Nadu.

Innovative Textiles

I Shield's anti-infection linen is a premium grade cotton linen which has incorporated the company's technology onto it which actively kills infection causing germs and allergy causing dust mites.

The start-up's anti-infection masks is a 4-layered product, where each layer contributes to a unique function.

The first layer is anti-bacterial and actively kills pathogens. The next layer is a N99 particulate filter which filters out 99% of the particulate matter.


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