Hot Start-ups: Armoring against allergies & infections

Imagine if you can ward-off allergies and infections just by armoring yourself with anti-microbial textiles! Sounds like a figment of imagination straight out of a Hollywood fantasy flick isn’t it? Nope.


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The medical textile armor that we are talking about may as well be real and happening right now as you read this.

Global Issue

According to World Allergy Organization (WAO), about 20-30% of Indians suffer from one or more allergies. In fact, National Health Service (NHS), UK, states that 58% of allergies caused at homes are due to dust mites.

Adding to these woes is Healthcare- or Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs), which is a huge cost on the Industry. The global HAI market is valued at $50 billion. Out of which, the US alone is worth $20 billion. One in 3 deaths in the ICUs is because of infections.

About 90% of infections spread occurring in day-to-day life is via contact with soft surfaces which includes bed linens, pillow cases, scrubs, doctor jackets and others.


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