Hot Start-ups: Disrupting Indian cardiac diagnostics

Launched in 2011, Cardiac Design Labs (CDL) was created with the aim of impacting the society by enabling easier form of detecting and diagnosing early cardiac problems


CDL Team: (L-R) Mr Mosin Badkar, Mr Ravi B Kaushik, Mr Praveen L Murthy & Mr Anand Madanagopal

In the Indian clinical landscape, other than large hospitals or specialty centers, the ability to do a proper cardiac diagnosis is mostly absent.

"This is the case globally in all emerging markets," reveals Mr Anand Madanagopal, the CEO of CDL. "There is no frontline devices for diagnosing Arrhythmia and Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD) other than Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG) in smaller hospitals."

He feels, the 10-second Resting ECG is an inadequate tool to diagnose the above conditions effectively.

"Both these conditions require ECG taken during ambulatory mode for comprehensive analysis," he says.

With higher number of patients suffering from heart diseases, and the available specialized products in cardiac diagnosis are operable only in tertiary care centers, the reach of precision diagnosis is limited.


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