Hot Start-ups: Enabling global clinical trials in India

After graduating in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Sheffield (UK) in 2011, Mr Anant Agarwal (27) returned to India with a broken knee


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Little did he know that his broken knee would lead him along the path to his ultimate destiny - the birth of his Kolkata-based start-up Indoriv Clinical.

After recovering from his physical ailment for a year, Mr Agarwal found an internship as a clinical research coordinator in Kolkata in 2012. He enjoyed his position and space, and explored it furthermore ardently.

Mr Agarwal received positive feedback and good reviews for his initial projects and started receiving projects from other pharma companies and CROs.

He also bagged a major stem cell project from a popular CRO. He tackled it fully as a one-man army. He was also fortunate enough to find credible mentors and valuable guidance from doctors and healthcare professionals around him.

It was then he decided to convert all of his learnings into an entrepreneurial venture, which he also long dreamt of during his student days in the UK.


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