Hot Start-ups: Anatomizing 3D printing

Founded in 2016, Anatomiz3D is a 3D printing start-up in the medical space, and India’s only company to provide patient-specific soft tissues for pre-operative models


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Anatomiz3D's founding team consists of a dynamic team in their 20's including, Mr Sohrab Kothari (28), Mr Sagar Shah (28), Mr Samkit Shah (28), and co-founder Ms Firoza Kothari (23).

In 2012, the founders together co-founded another start-up - Sahas Softech - which offers a range of rapid prototyping and 3D printing solutions.

Equipped with profound experience in 3D printing, CAD, CAM and allied services, the team ventured into their brand new start-up this year.

Firoza is a Biotechnology engineer while the rest of them are MBA graduates.


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